My Boy’s Band and Maternal Inadequacy (Updated!)

I’m not a music person.

I’m just not.

Yes, I used to play the piano. Still do, when I happen across one, but otherwise? I barely even listen to music on the radio anymore.

I wouldn’t have said that my children’s dad was especially musical either, yet somehow we managed to produce Peter.


Who has been working on, working with, working toward music—specifically the drums—since he was about eleven years old.

Is he any good at it? I don’t know. Even when I do listen to the radio, I listen to classical (specifically Baroque). Left to my own devices, I would never listen to whatever it is that Peter’s band—Five of the Eyes— does. I know that when I go to hear his band play, I am mesmerized. All the wild energy that made Peter a challenging boy to have in the house or for that matter in one’s uterus (he was always Peter, right from the get-go!) make him compelling on stage, Or is that just maternal devotion talking?

Some of you, dear readers, must know about music. So I figured I’d provide this link to Five of the Eyes’ new album’s promo page and maybe those with ears to hear will understand him as his mother can’t.

Oh, by the way—there are two guys who look like Jesus in the band? Mine is the taller Jesus.

UPDATE: Their album has received some rave reviews, including one that described my son thus: Drummer extroardinaire Peter Griffith holds down the backbeat with his impeccable timing, precision playing and a Tazmanian Devil level of energy that propels the songs forward at a breakneck pace.

That’s my boy—a Tasmanian devil, right from conception.

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