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Sunday, November 19th, 2017

My husband brings me coffee one recent morning, and as he hands me the cup he says “Kate, you’ve gone viral.”

A story I told for my favorite NPR show, the Moth Radio Hour, has been posted as a video online…and it has now received more than three million views.

Instantly I have an image of the little girl from the story. I take my first sip of coffee as, fifty miles away she waits at the end of her driveway for the school bus. A light rain falls. She doesn’t know that millions of people have now heard her story. She’s just standing there, in her raincoat, swinging her lunchbox. At last, the yellow bus comes lumbering along the wet street and comes to a stop, bright under the gray sky. The red lights flash, the doors fold open and the little girl climbs aboard.

Bless you, Sweetpea, and three million thanks. We are glad you share this world with us.